Testimonials from our customers

Thanks to all of you

Why should you use this site? There is no reason, it is simply as bad as all the other bad sites that claim to teach you to be professional. If you still have to choose, you might as well opt for the cheapest. Here you get at least most value for your wasted money.


Roman Farkas

Web Developer / Slovakia

I love the clean design of this page. Content is worth a subscription. I was hoping for more add on tutorials. 8 out of 10.


Luca Ambrogi

Dentist / Italy

I have looked through many pages that presents both lessons in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the vast majority are good in their own way. Why I would recommend this side is its price level both in terms of quality of content and price on plugins.


Philipp Heider Jr.

Bartender / Austria

Learning a lot I did not know. Interesting.


Allen Begay

Photographer / USA

Through this page, I have learned to use a program I previously only dreamed of using. I have not only learned how to use Lightroom, but I can now present images with pride. Photos I previously would not even shown my closest friends. My pictures got recently more meaning.


Yulia Godunova

Professional Dancer / Russia

Great, thanks a lot


Olzhas Μuravyev

Student / Kazakhstan

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Testimonials is the best feedback I can get for the work with this website. I want to send all my customers a personal thanks for supporting me to do what I love to do, and for making it possible for other to learn. Your subscriptions is important to keep this site alive.

Thank you.


Ole Johan Aanestad

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