Visual Effect Apps

The most advanced visual effect tool


Lensflare at your fingertips makes it magic

Lensflare Studio

LensFlare Studio is a powerful light manipulation tool for adding optical effects to your photos. With over 100 effects, you can choose from lens flares, lighting effects, glares, bokeh, and more. LensFlare Studio has over 100 high resolution optical effects. Each effect responds dynamically as you position the light source, realistically simulating various lens types, reflections, and edge glare. LensFlare Studio is the must have tool for any photographer or graphic designer.


Pro reflective surface tool

Reflect Studio

Reflect includes a wide selection of presets from calm water and ocean waves to ice and metal. Customize each reflection type, adjust wave size, fog, blur, color, etc.. Make beautiful and unique photos with Reflect’s professional filter choices. Add atmospheric effects like fog and haze for inredibly realistic horizons. Add surface and glass lens textures for a stylized and artistic look. Take your photos to another dimension with SciFi computerized floor surfaces.
Reflect Studio for reflections.


A new twist on your pictures

Circulare Studio

Circular Studio is the most powerful “tiny planet” app for the Mac. Circular Studio has powerful new features never seen before in this type of app, such as sky objects, centers, clouds, and flares.


– Real-time image editing
– Adjust image zoom, rotation, invert-mode, and repeats
– Innovative visual effects such as sky decorations, centers and flares. The lens flares are from our app LensFlare Studio
– Professional Filters and Lens Textures

Professional Features – internal 64 bit pipeline for highest quality processing – preserves exif data

Create beautiful images with Circular Studio


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